Our Lady of Vitosha Convent

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Church candlesFor the first time the name of the monastery is mentioned in the Golden Sealed Deed of Vitosha of the Bulgarian tsar Ivan Shishman (1371-1393).

It notes that the Our Lady of Vitosha Convent (Manastir Sveta Bogoro) was founded during the reign of Ivan Alexander (1331-1371) and was part of the monasteries which appeared in 14 and 15 centuries around Sofia called Sofia Sveta Gora (the Sacred Forest of Sofia).

Both rulers generously donated the cloister with property and money so that local people called it Royal monastery. After the conquest of Sofia by the Turks in 1382 the monastery was burned and abandoned. In the second half of 15 century the Our Lady of Vitosha Convent was rebuilt due to a donation and soon became an important literary center in Sofia district with its own small school.

In the years of the struggles for national liberation this monastery is one of the most active centers. In present days the nunnery represents a complex of a church, residential and multipurpose buildings.

Only the church has remained from the old monastery complex. Although the convent in Dragalevtsi is active and has several large buildings, accommodation and meals are not available, except for soft drinks and coffee.

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