Paragliding in Bulgaria not just for the faint of heart

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Paragliding in BulgariaIf one wants a paragliding vacation, then Bulgaria is THE place to be for great flying time. A variety of landscapes – high mountains, endless flat-lands and golden, sandy beaches are yours from the sky.

There are paragliding training schools that offer the necessary equipment and guided tours. You can enjoy the mountain flying sites in Sopot, Zlatitsa, Kom and Sliven in the Balkan Mountains as well as in Sofia‘s Vitosha Mountain, Rila and Pirin mountains with high launches, breathtaking views and strong thermals; the flatland flying sites in Madara, Shumen, Vratsa, Montana with smooth and distinct thermals and opportunities for fast cross-country flying; the seacoast flying sites in Albena, Varna and Burgas experiencing long hours relaxing soaring around the sea resorts in Bulgaria.

There are no restrictions to fly wherever and when you want. Have great fun, see the country and discover Bulgaria’s secrets. If you need us to help you find or get you in touch with paragliding enthusiasts leave us a note.

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