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PetrichThe town of Petrich is 13 km west of Kulata, at the border with Greece, 20 km east of Zlatarevo, at the Bulgarian border with Macedonia, and 189 km away from Sofia. It is located at the northern foot of the Belassitsa Mountain.

Petrich is a place where one can enjoy mountain ranges, fields, a river and centuries-long history.

Places to visit in Petrich:
1. Samouil Fortress – 18 km away, dating from the 11th century, with an imposing statue of the Bulgarian king Samouil who had built it as a defense against the Byzantine invasion.
2. Roupite - 10 km northeast of the town, an extremely beautiful and impressive place – there are a number of hot steaming mineral springs at the bottom of a dead volcano. The famous Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga lived here. According to her the area of Roupite is filled with cosmic energy. It was her idea to build the church of “St. Petka”.
3. Melnik – 27 km away, the smallest town of Bulgaria, a fascinating architectural reserve, surrounded by strangely formed sandstone rocks, famous also for its typical dark-red delicious wine.

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