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Preslav BulgariaVeliki Preslav is situated 20 km away from Shumen. Signs of Thracian settlement are found there. The name of the town has a Slavonic origin. Around the beginning of 9th century it became an important strategic centre. T

The town expanded very fast. It was enclosed by a solid fortress wall and many churches were built there. The town grew up to the second best in significance after the capital Pliska. When Simeon became a king of Bulgaria Preslav was proclaimed the new capital.

In the next years the town developed rapidly and became the heart of politics and culture with remarkable architectural achievements and literary activities.

Preslav reached its peak in growth and magnificence. But in 971 it was burnt down and ravaged by the Byzantine army. The conquerors took away the treasury and a large part of Simeon’s library. Gradually the town has lost its importance and magnificence.

Today you can see the remains of the king’s palace, towers, several churches, housing sites, gates and fortress wall. You can also see original and unique works from the glorious time of Preslav in the exposition of the museum. There are masterpieces like the unique icon of St.Theodor made from square painted ceramic plates, the Preslavian Golden Treasure with more than 170 golden, silver and bronze objects, decorated with cellular enamel, precious stones and pearls, and the ceramic iconostasis from the Palace Monastery.

The museum has a unique collection of lead seals, which is the biggest in the world. The collection of epigraphic monuments is also extremely valuable and it testifies to the great achievements and educational work of the Preslavian Literary School. In the museum of Preslav many stone-plastic decorations from the palace and rich collection of ceramic utensils as amphora, pots and bowls are on display.

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