Qatar Interested in Tourism, Real Estate Investments in Bulgaria

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The Qatari state’s investment arm is interested in investing tourism, real estate, agriculture and mining industry projects in Bulgaria, according to President Rosen Plevneliev.

Bulgaria’s head of state met Wednesday in Doha with the executive director of the company, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

Plevneliev informed that Qatar had asked to be given a part of the military complex on the 4th kilometer intersection of the Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd in Sofia in the case of a decision to invest in a complex of office and residential buildings. He noted that Qatar still had interest in the project and Bulgaria had to be well-prepared for its implementation.

Bulgaria’s President pointed out that Qatar was also eyeing opportunities for investing in winter resorts, winter & SPA tourism, rural tourism, combined with cultural and historical tourism, etc.

Plevneliev also drew attention to Qatar’s special interest in the mining industry.

“It may be copper, it may be gold, or it may be other metals. Qatar is a strategic investor which seeks joint production and concessions and investments in Bulgaria too,” Bulgaria’s President stated.

He said that Qatar had also expressed interest in cooperation in the sphere of construction.

Plevneliev informed that Qatar planned to invest a total of USD 20 B in road infrastructure by 2017.

Reminding that Qatar was the 2022 World Cup host, he explained that the country had earmarked some USD 6 B for building new stadiums and upgrading existing sports facilities in Doha over the next two years.

Plevneliev made clear that Bulgarian construction companies had already opened offices in Qatar and were expected to receive support for participating infrastructure projects.

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