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Razlog Razlog at the foot of three mountains, surrounded by high ridges, sheer cliff, overhanging above fertile fields and dense forests, with a river flowing through it, has truly its own ambiance as a Bulgarian country town.

The historical preconditions, the geographic location, the natural resources and the improving infrastructure help with developing this region during the last several years.

Alpine peaks, beautiful nature sights, hot mineral springs and multiple protected areas, objects of cultural and world heritage, well maintained ski tracks as well as warm hospitality attract guests and visitors from all over the country and abroad. 

On the territory of the Razlog municipality there are well-marked tourist paths, which advantages the trekking tourism.

Razlog is an administrative, cultural and economic centre of Razlog municipality. Its architecture is a charming combination of styles, typical for the period of the Revival, the style of the old houses of the 30‘s, and the modern tendencies. Visiting the town you will see more than 41 houses, which are cultural monuments, built during the Revival.

The old “St. George” church, built in 1834 is a place of interest not only for its architecture, but mostly for its mural paintings and the wood-carved iconostasis.

Razlog is a starting point for 2 mountains – Rila and Pirin. The starting point for Rila Mountain is Predela col at a distance of 12 kilometers from the town.

In cultural and historical aspect Razlog is famous for the preserved Thracian monuments. There are found marble slabs, which date back to III B.C.

Kukerskoto shestvie (Kukersko procession) is on the 1st of January every year and is one of the most impressive folk holidays typical for the region. Kukerite are the participants in the so-called Kukerski igri, which are special rituals performed for chasing the evil ghosts and the weird sisters. The participants are usually men who wear fearful masks, grotesque clothes and sheep bells put over for scaring the ghosts and evil forces.

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