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SamokovThe town of Samokov is located in the Samokov Valley, called Palakariya. Samokov is a small town known in the time of the Turkish rule for its iron ore extraction.

Interesting places to visit in Samokov are: the Old Mosque, The School of Arts and the Convent.

The town is in the vicinity of Rila Mountain, the biggest national park in Bulgaria. The Mussala Mount (2925 m) of Rila is the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula. 

Rila is famous for its unique nature and various species from both plant and animal kingdoms. Near the town is the well-known winter ski resort of Borovets with its excellent ski-tracks. Samokov and Borovets are the starting points for hiking to the Mussala Summit.

For most Bulgarians however Samokov is most famous for its potatoes.

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