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Sevlievo town The town of Sevlievo is situated in the central part of Bulgaria, 178 km away from the capital Sofia and 283 km from Varna.

Interesting places to visit in and around Sevlievo are the ancient churches in the villages in the region and the medieval Batoshevo Monastery. 9 km To the west of Sevlievo lies the village of Sennik – the birth place of the world champion of freestyle fight Dan Kolov. 5 km Southwest from the town a resting complex with natural lime forest and a game reserve is located.

The Sevlievo Motocross track has won various awards as the best organised event, from the FIM, and is one of the newer tracks around. Using the natural terrain Sevlievo Motocross track has a couple of uphill and downhill sections, making it fascinating ride.

Sevlievo motorcross

The Sevlievo Motocross track is located about 5 kilometers away from Sevlievo, in the small village of Rositza.

One of the best places to watch is from the hill at jumps 23 and 24 (of 28 jumps) as you get an awesome view of the straight and the next right-handed corner.

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