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Madara horsemenShumen was founded 3200 years ago and during the centuries has been a cradle of spiritual and material culture – Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian.

As a fortress and a settlement Shumen finds its roots in the early Middle Ages in the Hissarlak area. By the end of second Bulgarian Kingdom it was named Shoumen.

Shumen  is located in the central part of northeast Bulgaria on the main roadways Sofia-Varna and Rousse-Bourgas-Istanbul.

In Shumen and the lands around it, unique monuments of culture are preserved from ancient times to the present. Here are the ruins of the first Bulgarian capitals – Pliska and Veliki Preslav (Great Preslav), here is Madara with the unique Madara horse rider, which in 1979 was placed under the protection of UNESCO.

Here is the old Shumen Fortress, the Complex “Founders of Bulgaria”, there are interesting monuments of architecture, such as The Tower of the Old Clock, Tamboul Mosque and Kourshoum Cheshma.

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