Sokolski Monastery Assumption of Virgin Mary

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Sokolski Monastery Assumption of Virgin MaryThe Sokolski Monastery is located about 10 km from the town of Gabrovo, near the village of Charkovo and the ethnographic complex Etara.

The Sokolski Monastery  was founded in 1833 by Archbishop Joseph Sokolski. He came here from the Troyan Monastery. A year later the today’s church was erected with the resources and the assistance of the peasants from nearby villages.

The newly built church was consecrated on 15 August 1834 by Tarnovo Bishop Hilarion of Crete. In 1836 a church school was opened in the Monastery and it became an educational center. 

The monastery actively participated in the national liberation struggles of the Bulgarian people. During the Russo-Turkish war the monastery was turned into a military hospital. Small museum exhibition keeps the relics of the struggle for liberation.

Until 1959 the Sokolski Monastery was a friary and more than 100 monks served here led by 15 Abbots. In 1836 Archimandrite Iosif founded in Gabrovo a nunnery, which was blasted in 1959 and the nuns were moved into Sokolski Monastery.

In the northern part of the monastery the nuns settled the Chapel of the Holy Annunciation, which has two icons – Jesus Christ and St. Mary with Jesus. Residential and farm buildings in the Sokolski Monastery were built in Renaissance style with bay windows, wooden balconies and staircases. In the middle of the yard there is a beautiful white stone fountain with eight spouts – falcons built in 1865 by master Nikola (Kolyu) Ficheto.

The Sokolski Monastery, including the murals, was recently restored with a financial assistance from the European Union. The Sokolski Monastery offers rooms with private and shared bathrooms, and near the monastery is a small restaurant offering food.

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