Sokolski Monastery

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Sokolski MonasteryThe Sokolski Monastery “Uspenie Bogorodichno” is on the northern slope of Stara Planina at a distance of 15 kilometers southeast from the town of Gabrovo. It was founded in 1833.

The name of the monastery comes both from the name of the area, within which it is situated, and from the name of its founder – archimandrite Yosif Sokolski. 

The whole Sokolski Monastery complex was built during the time of the Bulgarian Renaissance with the help of the citizens of Gabrovo. There were times when there only lived men.

The fountain in the yard, built by Kolio Ficheto, is a valuable architectural monument.

Nowadays the Sokolski Monastery is a protected area and an attractive place for many tourists.

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