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SopotThe city of Sopot is located in the central part of Bulgaria in the foot of Stara Planina Mountain.

It is 5 km from the town of Gabrovo, 136 km from Sofia and 63 km from the town of Plovdiv. The village was founded more than three thousand years ago.

Remnants from the iron age as well as coins and tools from the Sevt II and Sevt III have been discovered all around the place. During the Middle Ages the city existed under the name Kopsis.

Here the brothers Smilets lived until one of them ascended the throne of the second Bulgarian kingdom. When the Ottomans arrived they called the city Uzun Shehir (the long city). During the Ottoman domination the city has been burnt down many times.

After the Liberation from Ottoman domination Sopot  develops economically. From 1950 till 1965 the city’s name is Vazovgrad (after the name of the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov), and afterwards it is called Sopot. The name “Sopot” comes from proto-Slavic language and means an artificial water groove. Nowadays the city’s name is associated with the great Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov. Currently a literature award is awarded every five years for remarkable literary achievements.

Places to visit in Sopot:

1. Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Convent
2. Ivan Vazov’s House-Museum
3. St. Spas Monastery
4. Anevo Fortress

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