Stara Zagora

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Stara ZagoraStara Zagora is the only town in Bulgaria with straight perpendicular streets.

The many remains of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the National Revival period still store the historical memory of the past ages.

Stara Zagora originates from the 6 century BC by and is an important crossroad.

It is here that the roads from the Danube going to the Aegean region and from Plovdiv to the Black Sea meet.

Its long existence is marked with many names – Beroe, Augusta Trajana, Vereya, Irinopolis, Zheleznik, Stara Zagora, and with many variants of those names.

One of the sights of the town is the Ayazmoto Park, the forested hill by the town, started in 1895 by Metropolitan Metodiy.

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