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Stara Zagora The city of Svishtov is located in the northern part of Bulgaria, on the bank of the Danube River (there is a port).

Here is the most southern point of the river. Svishtov  is situated 260 km from Sofia.

The city is a successor of the Roman city called Nové. This is the first city which was liberated from the Ottoman domination.

The name of the city comes from a peace treaty where it was mentioned under the name Sistova.

During the Ottoman domination the city was a craftsmen and commerce centre called “Kiuchuk Paris”, meaning The small Paris. Svishtov ferry

Nowadays Svishtov is associated with the name of the great Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov. This city is where the first Bulgarian choir, the first community centre and the first fine school were created.

Places to visit in Svishtov:

1. Aleko Konstantinov’s House-Museum
2. Svishtov Monastery
3. St. Dimitar Church and St. Trinity Church
4. War History Museum
5. Kaikusha Marsh – located in Oresh Village
6. Clock Tower
7. Kalé District

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