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SamokovThe town of Samokov is located in the Samokov Valley, called Palakariya. Samokov is a small town known in the time of the Turkish rule for its iron ore extraction.

Interesting places to visit in Samokov are: the Old Mosque, The School of Arts and the Convent.

The town is in the vicinity of Rila Mountain, the biggest national park in Bulgaria. The Mussala Mount (2925 m) of Rila is the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula.  Read more



Borovets is situated at 1350 m. above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain and at the foot of the Moussala peak (2925 m.) – the highest one on the Balkan Peninsula. Borovets is easily accessible.

It is only 73 km. from Sofia and 126 km. from Plovdiv. Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria. It was designated in 1896. The old name was “Cham Koria” which in Turkish means “Pine forest”. The name is derived from the Bulgarian word for pine-tree – bor.  Read more