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Events & Festivals

Yordanov DenPublic Holidays
January 1 – New Year
March 3 – National day of the Liberation from Ottoman Domination
Easter – Two days (Sunday and Monday) according to the Orthodox calendar
May 6 – St. George’s Day
May 24 – Day of the Bulgarian culture and the Slavonic script
September 6 – National Day of Bulgaria’s Reunion in the year of 1885
September 22 – Independence Day
November 1 – Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders
December 24-26 – Christmas Eve and Christmas
December 31 – New Year’s Eve Read more

Bulgarian Official Holidays

Bulgarian official holidays precidency 1 January – New Year’s Holiday

3 March – Liberation Day/Liberation from the Ottoman rule/ – National Holiday of Bulgaria

Easter – Velikden – Sunday and Monday according to the calendar

1 May – Labour Day

In Bulgaria Labor Day is a holiday since 1939, and is officially celebrated since 1945. The beginning of the holiday is connected to the international socialist movement during IX century, and the workers’ protests for basic social rights. Read more

Alinski Monastery

Alinski MonasteryThe Alinski Monastery or ”Vaznesenie Gospodne” Monastery is situated near the village of Alino at a distance of 35 kilometers from the town of Samokov and 40 kilometers from Sofia. It was built during XVII century.

At the time of the national Bulgarian Revival it was a letters center. The only remains of the Alinski Monastery are a small church and a tumble-downed residential building. Read more