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Off the Beaten Path

Wandering off the beaten path, you will find unique places and fantastic, friendly people what the Bulgarians actually are. Far away from the crowd and the well-known tourist spots Bulgaria will fascinate you with its incredible views of rock formations and mysterious caves; nice beaches and romantic capes; majestic mountains and mirror lakes.

Clean air and surrounding try  Chuchurinkata. Like birds and sea? Durankulak has it. Borino another hidden treasure in the Rhodope Mountains for peace and tranquility seekers. Browse trough the off the beaten path section for more tips.

You will discover centuries old magic villages where time stopped. You will feel the warm hospitality of the local people and will taste the delicious Bulgarian homemade dishes and wines.

Take yourselves away off the beaten path to find what Bulgaria is really like.


Thracian Tomb of SveshtariThe Bulgarian lands have been inhabited by various ethnic groups that have developed a rich and varied culture.

The earliest monuments are the drawings found in the Magura cave (Second Millennium BC), the remains from Paleolithic cultures in several caves in Stara planina (Balkan Mountains) and the Rhodope Mountains.

Traces of some seaside Neolithic and Palaeolithic cultures have been found in the areas of cape Kaliakra and the southern seaside town Ahtopol. Read more

Riding the wild water, rafting in Bulgaria

Rafting in BulgariaWhat would be an activity holiday without the thrill of rafting? Experience the thrill of rafting and the wonders of nature as you enjoy the breathtaking scenery on your trip.

The Struma, Arda and Osam rivers are especially suitable for the enthusiasts in springtime once the mountain snows higher up have melted and offer excellent conditions for rafting.

There are also plenty of water caves with long channels and amazing formations – a great opportunity for an adrenaline rafting adventure.