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Devin Spa

Devin spaDevin is situated among scenic hills in the heart of Rhodope mountain 35 km away from the world famous resort Pamporovo at an attitude of 780 m. It has several mineral water springs.

The curative properties of Devin’s mineral water are due to their considerable mineralization, relatively high content of fluorine, mild acidity and high temperature. Read more



Devin is situated in the Rhodope Mountains. Devin  is a small city with prosperous wood-processing industry and the place where the Devin mineral water comes from. It is located on the both riverbanks of the Devin River 196 kilometers from Sofia.

Devin  attracts tourists with its abundant nature, fresh and pure mountain air. In the past the city was named Dyovlen. Nowadays a lot of modern and luxurious spa hotels have been built in the city.

This is the starting point for many Eco-pathways leading into the picturesque mountains of the Rhodopes. Read more