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Alexander Nevski Memorial Church

Alexander Nevski Memorial ChurchAlexander Nevski Memorial Church /Hram Pametnik Alexander Nevski/ is one of the symbols of Sofia, the most emblematic and spectacular building of Sofia.

The church is easy recognizable for its magnificent structure, topped by copper and golden domes.

It is built in honour of the 200 000 Russian soldiers who gave up their lives to liberate Bulgaria from the 5 centuries-old Ottoman rule and their king Alexander II, also known as Tzar Osvoboditel / King Liberator/.

The church takes its name from Alexander Nevski /a Russian prince who saved the country from Swedish invasion in 1240/, the patron saint of the family of the Russian tsar. Read more


Preslav BulgariaVeliki Preslav is situated 20 km away from Shumen. Signs of Thracian settlement are found there. The name of the town has a Slavonic origin. Around the beginning of 9th century it became an important strategic centre. T

The town expanded very fast. It was enclosed by a solid fortress wall and many churches were built there. The town grew up to the second best in significance after the capital Pliska. When Simeon became a king of Bulgaria Preslav was proclaimed the new capital. Read more

Batoshevki Monastery

Batoshevo Monastery frescosThe Batoshevski Monastery is situated near the village of Batoshevo on the left bank of Rositsa river. It was founded in XIII century under the reign of King Mihail II Asen.

During the Ottoman rule the Batoshevski Monastery was burned out, but at the time of the Bulgarian Revival restored.

At the times of the Aprilsko Rebellion the monastery became a shelter for many of the rebels. Read more


Chiprovtsi carpetsChiprovtsi is set at the foot of the Western Stara Planina mountain, at 30 km from the town of Montana. The town was a goldsmith center in the 16th and 17th centuries and later became famous with its carpet industry.

The unique Chiprovtsi carpets are made on hand from pure wool and are still very popular.

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