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Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo, a former capital of Bulgaria on 241 kilometers from Sofia and 220 kilometers from Varna, is one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria.

Its history dates back to the 4th millennia BC. Veliko Tarnovo is famous for its remarkable architectural monuments, miniatures, mural paintings, literature, arts and crafts.

Do not miss to visit the architectural-museum reserve “Tsarevetz”, the audio-visual show “Sound & Light”, the churches “St. Dimitar of Read more


Dryanovo church

Dryanovo is situated 24 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo and 22 kilometers from Gabrovo on the magnificent Balkan slopes covered with shady woods.

The winter is mild and the summer is cool and fresh, which makes Dryanovo a suitable place for holiday all year round.

Interesting landmarks to be seen are the museum Kolio Ficheto, St.Nikola church, built up by him, Lafchiev house and the church Holy Trinity with the magnificent wood – carved ceilings. Read more