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Bulgarian IconBulgarian icons have a thousand year’s history and many of them belong in the treasury of world art. Icon painting in Bulgaria must have originated officially with the adoption of Christianity in 865.

Numerous churches and monasteries were built in the Bulgarian capitals. All these places of worship were decorated with murals and icons. Since then the Bulgarian icon, a symbol of the Christian cult and church ritual, has developed as a fundamental part of the art of the country.

Preslav ceramic icons, the oldest Bulgarian icons found so far, were also very interesting examples of medieval Balkan art. The icon painting tradition was enriched in the 13th- 14th c. Read more


CastleIn the years of foreign national domination the religion was a consolidating factor for the enslaved Bulgarian people in saving them from the assimilative policy of the conquerors.

The Bulgarian monasteries were centers of enlightenment and culture in these difficult times. Brilliant examples of medieval literature and art were preserved in them and many iconographic works were created. Read more