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Spa PomorieThe Thracians settled around the hot mineral springs, then the Romans built their SPA centers like Augusta (present Hissarya), Dezudava (Sandanski), Pautalia (Kyustendil) and Serdica (Sofia).

With its favourable climate, 378 km long coastal sandy beach strip, over 500 mineral springs varying in chemical composition, temperature and curative possibilities, lagoon mud sources Bulgaria is extremely attractive for spa recreation and tourism. Read more


Kyustendil The city of Kyustendil is situated in the South-Western part of Bulgaria, about 100 km from Sofia. It became a settlement earlier than the 5th century before Christ, when Thracians inhabited the current Bulgarian territories leaving their tombs as evidence.

The initial name of the city was Pautalia. The city is situated at the foot of the Osogovo mountain (its highest peak Ruen is 2251 meters high).

Kyustendil is an important economical, transport, cultural and administrative centre with increasing significance. The combination of fresh mountain air, favorable natural conditions and healing mineral waters makes the city a very attractive place for tourism.

Kyustendil is on a distance of 85 kilometers from Sofia.
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