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Asen Fortress

Church of the Holy Mother of God_Asen's FortressThe medieval Asen’s Fortress in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains  is situated on a high rocky ridge on the left bank of the Asenitsa River.

The earliest archaeological findings date back from the time of the Thracians, the area of the fortress has also been inhabited during the Ancient Roman and Early Byzantine period.

The fortress gained importance in the Middle Ages, first mentioned in the statute of the Bachkovo Monastery as Petrich in the 11th century.

The fortress was conquered by the armies of the Third Crusade. Read more


PetrichThe town of Petrich is 13 km west of Kulata, at the border with Greece, 20 km east of Zlatarevo, at the Bulgarian border with Macedonia, and 189 km away from Sofia. It is located at the northern foot of the Belassitsa Mountain.

Petrich is a place where one can enjoy mountain ranges, fields, a river and centuries-long history.

Places to visit in Petrich:
1. Samouil Fortress – 18 km away, dating from the 11th century, with an imposing statue of the Bulgarian king Samouil who had built it as a defense against the Byzantine invasion. Read more