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Thracian Tomb of SveshtariThe Bulgarian lands have been inhabited by various ethnic groups that have developed a rich and varied culture.

The earliest monuments are the drawings found in the Magura cave (Second Millennium BC), the remains from Paleolithic cultures in several caves in Stara planina (Balkan Mountains) and the Rhodope Mountains.

Traces of some seaside Neolithic and Palaeolithic cultures have been found in the areas of cape Kaliakra and the southern seaside town Ahtopol. Read more

Rila Monastery

Rila MonasteryRila Monastery or the Rilski Monastir is founded back in the 10th century by the Bulgarian Sveti Ivan Rilski (St. John of Rila). It is situated in a deep gorge in the heart of the majestic Rila Mountain.

The distance from Sofia is 120 km. For centuries the Rila Monastery played an extraordinary role in the Bulgarian history and spiritual growth.  Read more