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Simeon IIThe history of Bulgaria separates into four periods: First Bulgarian Kingdom (681 – 1018 AD); Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185 – 1396 AD); Third Bulgarian Kingdom (1878 – 1945), and newest Bulgarian history.

The First Bulgarian Kingdom

Khan Asparuh found the first Bulgarian State in 681 by  as a leader of a union between the Slavs and the Proto-Bulgarians in their struggle against Byzantium. The following period between the 8th and the 10th centuries brought the political rise and territorial expansion. Read more

The history of Bulgaria in a nutshell

Map of Great BulgariaBulgaria, thousand years old and spreading over only 2% of the territory of Europe has more than 30,000 historic monuments (7 of which are in the UNESCO world culture heritage list), 36 culture reserves, 160 monasteries, 330 museums and galleries.

These Bulgarian monuments are from different historic epochs: pre-historian finds, Thracian tombs, finds from the Ancient Greek times, Roman fortresses, historical monuments from the time of the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, architectural and ethnographic reserves from the National Revival period. Read more

Godech Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Godechki Manastir or Godech Monastery of the Holy SpiritThe Godech Monastery of the Holy Spirit or Godechki Manastir is situated near the town of Godech, 46 km from Sofia and about 100 meters from the road linking Godech with Dragoman.

The year, when the monastery was founded, is not known, but the Nisava river valley has given shelter to many churches and monasteries during the Middle Ages. Read more

Vladaya Monastery of St. Petka

Vladayski Manastir or Vladaya Monastery of St. PetkaThe Vladaya Monastery of St. Petka or Vladayski Manastir is located in the foothills of Liulin Mountain opposite the Vladaya railway station, approximately 1 km from the village of Vladaya and 5 km from Sofia. Read more

Monastery of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ

Monastery of the Transfiguration of Jesus ChristThe Monastery of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ  is located on the Yantra River, 6 km north of Veliko Tarnovo near the village of Samovodene.

The Monastery is the largest of the monasteries located around Veliko Tarnovo and the 4th largest in Bulgaria. It was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in 13-14th century.

The building of the Monastery is connected with the personality of the second wife of the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander – Sarah and their son Ivan Shishman who donated a lot of money for its reconstruction and repair.  Read more