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Simeon IIThe history of Bulgaria separates into four periods: First Bulgarian Kingdom (681 – 1018 AD); Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185 – 1396 AD); Third Bulgarian Kingdom (1878 – 1945), and newest Bulgarian history.

The First Bulgarian Kingdom

Khan Asparuh found the first Bulgarian State in 681 by  as a leader of a union between the Slavs and the Proto-Bulgarians in their struggle against Byzantium. The following period between the 8th and the 10th centuries brought the political rise and territorial expansion. Read more

Arbanasi Monastery

Arbanasi MonasteryThe Arbanasi Monastery is situated within the town of Arbanasi, and at a distance of 5 kilometers from the town of Veliko Tarnovo.

It was built at the time of The Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

During the Ottoman rule the monastery was burned down.

The Arbanasi Monastery was restored in the XVII – XVIII centuries. Read more