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ElhovoThe city of Elhovo is situated on the left bank of the Tundzha River – in the Elhovo plain which is small part of the Thracian Lowlands. It is 37 km from the town of Yambol and 125 km from Veliko Tarnovo.

The favorable natural conditions made this place attractive for living already six thousand years ago.

During the bronze epoch the Thracians situated themselves here and created a city called Oruditsa. The Romans came after them and called the city Oruditsa ad Burgum.

When the Slavs came they named it Yanitsa. During the Ottoman domination the city’s name is Kazulagach. Its current name comes from the rebel who was hiding in the branches of a fir-tree within the city. Today many objects from various times and people are preserved and collected in the Ethnographical Museum.  Read more

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