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TetevenTeteven is situated in the Central Balkan Mountains along the Beli Vit River 110 km away from Sofia, surrounded by beautiful peaks.

It is the starting point for many breathtaking hiking routes and offers perfect conditions for hunting and fishing.

Places to visit in Teteven:
1. Glozhene Monastery – 15 km away from the town, built in 13th c. on a rock edge
2. Tsarichina and Boatin – nature reserves with protected flora and fauna for the lovers of natural beauty, over 600 species of flowers and variety of birds
3. Ribaritza –12 km from Teteven, mountain resort village with many family hotels and tourism facilities, departure point for tourist routes in the mountain, lovely place for hiking, cycling and fishing
4. Saeva doupka – remarkable cave, 25 km away from the town

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