The history of Bulgaria in a nutshell

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Map of Great BulgariaBulgaria, thousand years old and spreading over only 2% of the territory of Europe has more than 30,000 historic monuments (7 of which are in the UNESCO world culture heritage list), 36 culture reserves, 160 monasteries, 330 museums and galleries.

These Bulgarian monuments are from different historic epochs: pre-historian finds, Thracian tombs, finds from the Ancient Greek times, Roman fortresses, historical monuments from the time of the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, architectural and ethnographic reserves from the National Revival period.

The hundreds of monasteries and churches in Bulgaria have preserved the national spirit over the turbulent centuries in our history. Visitors can see unique samples of the Bulgarian icon-painting and wood-carving schools.

Many towns and villages offer the possibility to feel the Bulgarian Renaissance with excellent conditions for recreation and tourism.

Arts lovers can enjoy the rich in cultural events folklore calendar, including traditional holidays and customs, related to the Bulgarian way of life and culture, as well as visit prestigious international festivals in the field of theater, cinema, ballet, opera, and attend concerts of world-famous musicians, orchestras and formations, exhibitions, etc.

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