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Uzana Uzana is 240 km north-east from Sofia, just 22 km from the town of Gabrovo, in the heart of Balkan mountain, 1240 meters above sea level.

Uzana  is also known as the geographical center of Bulgaria and is surrounded by the natural park ”Bulgarka”, famous with its rare animal and plant species. This small paradise site is a real discovery for nature lovers and provides excellent conditions for rest and tourism all year round. 

Uzana offers ski runs at total length of 3 km. The longest one is 1300 m and is equipped with a drag. Its construction was supported by the Swiss town Tune. The beginners can use the other smaller ski runs. Ski equipment and motor sledges can be rent. There are several hotels that provide comfortable staying at relatively low prices.

During the summer the visitors here can practice mountain hiking and biking. The surroundings offer many opportunities for the speleology fans and rock climbers. The horse base there makes it the ideal place for those who love horse riding in the mountains.

You can combine your vacation with the possibility to learn more about the Bulgarian traditions visiting the open-air ethnographic museum “Etara”, the architectural reserve Bozhentsi, the Sokolovski monastery – all of them situated very close to the resort Uzana.

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