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Varna CathedralVarna, often referred to as the sea capital of Bulgaria, is the third largest city in the country.

Milesian Greek founded Varna and and named it Odessus in the 6th century BC; later, it became Thracian and then Roman.

In AD 681, it joined the First Bulgarian Empire (c. 679-1018) and was renamed VarnaVarna by night

Now a days Varna is the main Bulgarian naval and commercial shipping port.

North and south of the city, there are clusters of beach resorts like Golden Sands and St. St. Konstantin & Helena.

If you like to escape the populated beaches in Varna you might consider to cross the bridge south direction Bourgas and take the first exit to the right and follow the road.

The most relaxed beaches are found when you follow the road till the end. In the evening when you drive back you’ll have the possibility of taking your own Varna by night picture.  As extra tip pass restaurant Panorama and have the most amazing view over the bay.

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