Veliko Tarnovo

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Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo, a former capital of Bulgaria on 241 kilometers from Sofia and 220 kilometers from Varna, is one of the most ancient cities in Bulgaria.

Its history dates back to the 4th millennia BC. Veliko Tarnovo is famous for its remarkable architectural monuments, miniatures, mural paintings, literature, arts and crafts.

Do not miss to visit the architectural-museum reserve “Tsarevetz”, the audio-visual show “Sound & Light”, the churches “St. Dimitar of Thessalonika”, “St. 40 Martyrs” and “St Apostles Peter and Paul, the Gurko street, the Samovodska market place, Kolio Ficheto’s building models – the house with the monkey, the Hadji Nikoli Inn, the Museum of Revival.

You will certainly find many more interesting places to visit in Veliko Tarnovo.

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  6. […] The Preobrazhenie Monastery dates back to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. It is located midst a gorgeous lime-tree forest, under the vertical jagged cliffs in the ravine of the Yantra River, some 6 km north from Veliko Tarnovo. […]

  7. […] 2001 four students in Iconography from the University in Veliko Tarnovo painted the temple. In the church you can see portraits of 12 saints and the relics of one of them […]

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