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VelingradThe city of Velingrad is situated in the Chepina valley, part of the beautiful Rhodope mountains. Legends tell that Orpheus used to live here.

The favorable natural conditions and the healing mineral springs of Velingrad played an important role for the foundation of the city.

The name of the city comes from the woman-partisan Vela Peeva. In 1948 the city was founded from the merger of the three villages Kamenitsa, Ladzhene and Chepino.

There are more than seventy mineral springs in Velingrad. A narrow-gauge line crosses the city and its way is very picturesque and attractive.  Velingrad train

Places to visit in Velingrad:

1. Kleptuza Karsts spring (located in the Chepino neighbourhood; many restaurants are open there).
2. Iundola Resort
3. Tsepina Fortress
4. Lepenitsa Cave

Famous people associated with the city: 

1. Vela Peeva
2. Nikolay Gyaurov

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