Vladaya Monastery of St. Petka

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Vladayski Manastir or Vladaya Monastery of St. PetkaThe Vladaya Monastery of St. Petka or Vladayski Manastir is located in the foothills of Liulin Mountain opposite the Vladaya railway station, approximately 1 km from the village of Vladaya and 5 km from Sofia.

The Vladaya Monastery of St. Petka was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom but in 1328 it was destroyed by the crusaders and all monks were killed. Before their deaths, the monks buried a Gospel and two icons under a stone cross – of St. Petka and St. Nedelya, since then the monastery is dedicated to the two Saints.

Frequent guest in the monastery was Tsar Ivan Shishman who made big donations to the monastery. During Ottoman rule there was there was an underground church in the monastery .

There were many big oak trees in the yard and even today one can see ten of them (several hundred years old trees).

The Vladaya nunnery exists in its present state since 1902 when today’s church of St. Petka was restored on the ruins of an old church. Moreover, in honor of St. Nedelya, a chapel and a new church were built. The residential buildings are modest and were built in several stages.

The temple celebration is on 14th October. The Vladaya Monastery of St. Petka does not offer food and accommodation.

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